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The Babe With The Power


Like I've already said, I never got in to Wildstorm, so I never got into the previous version of Voodoo. New 52 Voodoo is an alien with shapeshifting and low-level mind-reading powers who is spying on Earthlings. Presumably, her species is preparing for an invasion. The first issue introduces us to Voodoo, the stage name of the alien as she works in a strip club in New Orleans, and the pair of government agents whose job it is to bring her in. Voodoo believes that, if she's caught, she'll be dissected, so isn't too keen on revealing herself. She isolates one of the agents, kills him, and takes his identity as she escapes. So right away, the titular protagonist is not all that nice, but also isn't some rampaging alien monster. Well done moral ambiguity is rare in comic books, but good to see every so often.

Also, the first issue being set in a strip club, there were plenty of sexual poses and not many clothes on the women, but whereas stuff like Red Hood or Suicide Squad got lots of flack for their portrayal of women, Voodoo didn't get as much because a) it actually wasn't gratuitous and b) the story was well-written enough to give it a bit of a pass. However, Ron Marz left the book after issue #4, which is a shame, because Voodoo was a surprise hit under his pen.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; I did like that they didn't make any strained Katrina references during their time in New Orleans. The city still isn't 100%, but it's nowhere near what it was immediately after the storm, and it's good for media to reflect that.
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