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Attack Of The EXTREME!!!

The Savage Hawkman

This is the biggest pile of 90's-era rejects the New 52 has to offer.

Okay, so Hawkman is one of the oldest superheroes. Carter Hall was an archaeologist and Egyptologist who learned he was the reincarnation of an Egyptian prince and had discovered a strange metal (nth-metal) that allowed him to defy gravity. He fashioned some wings, and used the prince's memories of ancient weaponry and tactics against modern threats and criminals. The prince's lover, Chay-Ara, was also reincarnated into the woman Shiera Sanders, and Sanders and Hall became lovers and crimefighters as Hawkman and Hawkgirl, eventually marrying.

And then the Silver Age happened and Hawkman and Hawkgirl were reimagined as alien police from the planet Thanagar. And then retcons happened and the Hawks were actually spies from Thanagar sent to learn all they could about Earth for an invasion. And then Zero Hour combined every version of every Hawk-hero into one incarnation of the "Hawk God."

And then Hawkman couldn't be used for a while because nobody could untangle the mess.

And then Geoff Johns fixed it by using reincarnation and Carter Hall returned.

So Hawkman has a lot of baggage, some good, some bad, but the correct solution was never to ignore it completely!

Reincarnation, adventurous archaeology, memories of past lives, romance, flight, ancient weapons, Hawkman has all these cool things, but for some reason in the New 52 "Savage" Hawkman, the nth-metal has become semi-sentient, and developed shape-shifting, and his causing Carter to rage out.

I jokingly dubbed this series "Wolverine With Wings" before it came out, and nothing in the series has countered that assertion. And it's the worst parts of Wolverine. And it's none of the good parts of Hawkman (except maybe the archaeology and flight). Add to that dark, muddy art and gruesome violence for its own sake, and I dropped this title. It's bad. It's baaaaad.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; the thought of the Gentleman Ghost returning only interested me until I learned that he was no longer a gentleman, nor a ghost. The Hooligan Zombie doesn't have quite the same ring, you see.
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