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Teenagers Scare The Living @#&^ Outta Me

Teen Titans

The Teen Titans have had many iterations. Originally, Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash hung out together in a clubhouse and had really weird adventures together in the Silver Age, then others like Wonder Girl and Speedy joined up, and then they became the New Teen Titans with Raven and Cyborg and Starfire, and then they were just the Titans as they grew up and weren't teenagers anymore, but a new group of Teen Titans came up another generation of younger heroes came up, and then the reboot happened.

The New 52 Teen Titans, in the first three issues, are a mix of old characters Red Robin (Tim Drake), Kid Flash (Bart Allen), and Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark) and new characters Bunker (Miguel Barragan) and Skitter (Celine she-doesn't-seem-to-have-a-last-name). Other characters, Superboy and Solstice (Kiran Singh), haven't joined the team by the end of the 3rd issue, which is as far as these reviews are going (they've showed up in actual issues by now, and Solstice looks like fun). The main thrust of any plot is that a mysterious group are doing questionable things (and trying to discredit) kid heroes, and so Tim Drake's investigations cause him to run into and try to recruit various teen heroes, both for safety and to combat the threat. Cassie doesn't want to join (and is completely different from any previous version of her) but the other characters are more interested in a team, and apparently, this is the first version of the teen titans in this universe.

Huh. Scott Lobdell, the writer for this series, is also the writer for the atrocious Red Hood and the Outlaws, which has indicated that the members of the older New Teen Titans group has gotten together . . . I guess they just never called themselves the Titans?

All in all, this is only slightly above average, so far. It's not terrible by any stretch, but it's really not all that good, and I am sick of team books with the token "I don't want to be part of the team" member. It was fresh and interesting IN THE SIXTIES. It's 2012, now.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; and new "rogue artifact thief" Cassie irritates the bejezus out of me, especially since she's said token member. SHE LED THE YOUNG JUSTICE TEAM, CHRIST.
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