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Strange Visitor From Another Planet


Now THIS is a great comic book. You see, back back back in the day, back when I was a wee lad, there was this thing in comics where a story was told in a single issue, and it wasn't stretched out to fill a trade collection. They are now called "done-in-ones," and for decades, they were the standard. Of course, before I was born, it was much more common to have multiple features in a single issue, but those multiple stories were still told in one issue. It is inexpressibly relieving to see that this can still happen on a mainstream title, and George Perez' old-school Superman does it well.

For the first three issues, we are given 1) a complete introduction to the new status quo of Superman, with Clark being a crusading reporter, the Daily Planet sold to a TV production, Lois becoming a news show producer, etc. 2) a single issue story per issue (I miss it so), and 3) an ongoing plot that continues throughout the other stories going on in the issue. You see, both ways can be done, at once!

Sure, there's the stupidity of Clark and Lois not being together anymore, but if they manage to bring the romance back, I'll be okay with a period of her being with some other schmuck. It'll just be a speedbump on the road back to their proper positions, and no, I'm NOT in denial, you can't prove I am!.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; I mean it, done in ones should become the standard again.
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