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Suicide Squad


The most well known version of the Suicide Squad--a team of minor supervillains recruited by the US government from prison to perform "black ops" missions the government could disavow if things went wrong--was one of the greatest comic book series ever written. They even had an episode devoted to them on the cartoon Justice League Unlimited, "Task Force X," the official designation of the squad. "Suicide Squad" was just a colloquialism, because they often went on suicide missions.

The tradition of pretty damn good serieses starring super villains continued in Gail Simone's excellent Secret Six, and then the reboot came.

And now we've got the new Suicide Squad, which is one of the worst comic book series ever written. It's loud, obnoxious, pointless, stupid, and ugly. The thing about the previous Squad was that it had direct oversight in the person of Rick Flagg, Jr. The man may have been as unhinged as the villains he worked with, but he kept them in line, and was good at his job. This new Squad doesn't have that. So the villains all do as villains do, and terrible things happen. But nobody cares, because nobody is given a reason to care. And when they through in shout-outs to the previous Squad, they are done in just the right way to piss off people who know about the previous Squad.

I don't hate this comic as much as I hate Red Hood And The Outlaws, in fact I don't even hate this comic. I'm just tired by it. It doesn't bring anything new or interesting, and instead dumps over the memory of a much better comic.

Which has several collections, so if you want some SS, read the good one by John Ostrander, and screw this series.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; there was also a war comic about a group called the Suicide Squad, but the only connection was that the father of Rick Flagg, Jr. was in it.
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