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Watching The Storm Out


I was never really a fan of The Authority, nor the book they spun out of, the original Stormwatch from Wildstorm. Guys with super powers working for the government tend to bore me, but whatever. This new series, by Paul Cornell, is a kind of whizbang roller-coaster ride of high concept new wave sci-fi mixed with ultra-powered spandex prima donnas who claim to be professionals without actually showing it. In the first three issues, we are introduced to concepts and ideas that would normally be like year long stories in other comics, as well as most of the main cast, who come off as snooty status seekers more interested in being seen as powerful heroes than actually acting like it. The team is made up of people who don't like each other, the leader is someone the team doesn't feel they can trust, and they're being stalked by the deadliest killer on the planet, who for some dumb reason has spikes all over the place, including his stupid chin.

Stormwatch, the first three issues, is very uneven. It's got amazing ideas, but characters I have a hard time caring about, let alone liking, and the art is . . . not . . . that . . . good. But the ride is amazing. These are things that can be overlooked because of that, and that alone. So I'll be hanging on for dear life on that ride, anxious to see what comes next.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; I guess that's all I have to say about that. Except to reiterate: the Midnighter's spikes, especially the one on his chin, is moronic. MORONIC.
Tags: analysis, comic books, essays, the new 52
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