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Resurrection Man

Back, back, in the Silver Age of comic books, there was a character called the Immortal Man, who was . . . immortal. Well, okay, he could be killed, but then he'd revive himself within, like, a day, with a new persona and personality. After COIE, he was reinvented as Mitch Shelley, the Resurrection Man, who would come back to life with a new superpower, usually based on how he had just been killed. So in this new series, Mitch's soul has cheated the afterlife for so long, that agents of heaven and hell are searching for him, hoping to take possession of the soul finally.


And then . . . the next two issues have almost nothing to do with that concept. On the one hand, that's good, great! The "myth arc" of the series can lay fallow for a bit while things like character development and world building occur. On the other hand, we get the return of the Body Doubles, a vaguely lesbian assassin/mercenary team who exist essentially only for fanservice. And they should have been only a one issue antagonist, but they continued on after issue 2. Ugh.

I don't have a problem with fanservice. Done well, it's quite enjoyable. What I have a problem with is the overuse of fanservice and blatant fanservice. Especially in comics, where they overuse blatant fanservice.

So, yeah. Resurrection Man: absolutely amazing first issue . . . not so good second or third issue. Really a mixed reccomendation, if the heaven and hell stuff ramps up, definitely get this series. I think it really does have a chance to live up to its potential.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; oh, the retired supervillain doesn't interest me much, either. Whatever. It's not terrible, just not all that engaging to me.
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