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March of the Penguin

Penguin: Pain And Prejudice

I don't know what it is about Oswalt Cobblepot, but he's a fascinating character. He often gets the most detailed backstory of all of Batman's rogues, and even though he's actually the silliest concept for a supervillain (he's a short, fat guy who dresses nice and carries umbrellas and has a fixation with birds!!!), he's almost always given the most respect out of all of them. He's not a psychopathic killer, he doesn't have an over the top gimmick, he's just a suave and calculating criminal mastermind.

And Penguin: Pain and Prejudice continues the trend.

Oh, sure, he's never going to get one over on Batman, at least for long, but he's the emperor of his little empire, and it's fascinating looking into one way this guy became a kingpin (or perhaps emperor penguin) of crime.

I almost don't want to talk more about this deranged little mini, because it's such a good series. But fair warning: this is some sick stuff. Deranged. At one point, the Joker makes a cameo, and in just one panel, it's the most demented and disturbing he's been in years (yes, that's counting having his face removed in Detective Comics #1). And we delve deep into the psyche of the Penguin, who might not be the craziest of Batman's bad-guys, but he's twisted in his own way.

So yeah. This is a good one. Maybe wait until it's collected, but I don't think this should be missed.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; okay, he was silly and goofy on the live-action TV show, but so was everyone.
Tags: analysis, comic books, essays, the new 52
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