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Often Many Analysts Cry: OMAC


Oh dear God.

This is AWESOME!

I love the old One Man Army Corps, Jack Kirby's demented super-science super-pulp super-series of dullard Buddy Blank gaining ultra-power from the mega-satellite Brother Eye and journeying across the World Of Tomorrow! It's a classic action series, and makes over-the-top seem tame by comparison. It's just Kirby doing what he does best, nearly nonstop action with absurdly awesome premises and the kind of bad-ass protagonist who isn't all that bad-ass, he's just BAD-ASS!!!

Once Kirby was no longer working on O.M.A.C. . . . things never reached the heady heights, and for some reason it was given a loose connection to the Kamandi series (also created by Kirby). And then Batman was put at his most paranoid and created the Brother Mk. I satellite, which was appropriated by a bad guy and turned into Brother Eye and a bunch of "OMAC" cyborg things were sent out . . .

Bad times.

Until now.

Now, the fun is back. The awesome is back. Regular research scientist Kevin Kho gets zapped by Brother Eye and turned into OMAC, and while the satellite has its own agenda and tries to influence Kevin as much as possible, Kevin's good nature still shines through. Add gonzo super villainy and Brother Eye trying to manipulate the world around Kevin as much as possible, and it's a nearly nonstop action ride of AWESOME!!!

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; love it!
Tags: analysis, comic books, essays, the new 52
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