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It's Adventure Time, Come On Grab Your Friends

My Greatest Adventure

This is both a miniseries and an anthology. Three series are showcased, a new Robotman made up more of nanomachines, Garbage Man (a sort of low-rent Swamp Thing), and Tanga--a superpowered valleygirl in a sci-fi pulp setting.

I think the latter two might have been introduced in something done last year, but if so it flew completely under my radar, so I'm taking it like this is their first appearance, because for me? It is.

Robotman, in previous incarnations a member of the Doom Patrol (which made their debut in the original anthology series My Greatest Adventure) is former stunt driver Cliff Steel, who barely survived a failed stunt by being remade into a robot. Hence the name, Robotman. Kind of straightforward. This looks like it'll be a fairly traditional zombie story, with the added twist of Robotman being immune to the typical zombie tricks, and able to rebuild his body after being ripped apart. It's quite fun.

Garbage Man, former corporate attorney Richard Morse, is sort of a street-level Swamp Thing, without any of the mystical or cosmic stuff. This one is the weakest of the three stories, but only because the pace is rather slow (and you probably have to know what happened in his previous story, though you get enough flashbacks to grasp it all), but there's nothing really wrong with it. I'd probably like it better if I read his initial appearance. Oh well. Sometimes you miss comics, it happens.

Tanga is a lot of fun. Imagine someone with Superman's power but the attitude of a typical valley girl from the 80s. Yeah. This is a light-ish story, meant for pure entertainment, and it delivers. She's carefree, and doesn't really understand the circumstances surrounding her, but her power level and attitude is what makes it interesting. Add a cool sci-fi pulp setting (by which I mean, Mos Eisley from Star Wars times at least 100, if not more), and you've got plenty of opportunity for Tanga to show off.

All in all, probably the best anthology series, or at least most fun. Too bad it's just a mini.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; also too bad the Doom Patrol seems to be retcon'd out of existence. Boo.
Tags: analysis, comic books, essays, the new 52
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