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We're Men! We're Men Of War! We Roam Around The Forest Looking For Fights!

Men of War

Ah, the war comic. One of the biggest non-superhero genres in comics, and among the oldest. However, since the 80s, it has been almost completely absent in the medium. There have been a few here and there, but nothing from the mainstream. Until now.

The new 52 gives us a war comic, another anthology series. Unlike the others, there doesn't seem to be a central protagonist or star of the series, with other stories filling out the comic. And there's another twist, in that these soldiers going to war have to deal with a world full of super powered people who could wipe out mortal armies with an afterthought. But there are also normal soldiers going into battle and having to deal with much more mundane kind of military threats. The kind you'd get in more traditional war comics from the 40s to the 70s. Although I do hope we get a few more wild stories, like the War that Time Forgot--any comic book with dinosaurs would be worth a look, I think.

I can't recommend this one as strongly, though it is really well written. Why? Because there isn't a central protagonist. I thought it was going to focus on a new Sergeant Rock, but it doesn't look like there will. It's a more traditional anthology, which means that each issue will probably have its own focus. While serialized stories might get stretched over several issues, there seem to also be single issue shorts. So if one issue doesn't grab you, wait a month, maybe the next one will.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; also the Navy SEALs story shouldn't have been as long as it was . . .
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