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How It All Began

Legion: Secret Origin

So the Legion of Superheroes is the most rebooted franchise in comics.

And now that the whole line has been rebooted, it's been rebooted again!


I'm not going to get into the whole rigamarole, but in one previous version of the Legion's origin, the first few members of the group got together when they saved the life of R. J. Brande, one of the richest guys in the galaxy. In gratitude, Brande decides to form the teens into a team and becomes their "adult advisor."

In my opinion, it's not the best origin, but whatever. This is the version they chose to go with when they told the rebooted Legion origin. But there's more stuff going on in the galaxy that, if you know anything about other members of the Legion, and various bits of Legion lore, hint at various bits of "future" stories the Legion will have to deal with. But I'm only talking about the first three months of the new 52, and since this is a miniseries, it didn't start until the second month, so there's only two issues to talk about, here.

It's . . . okay? One of the problems that the regular Legion book had was too many characters and not enough room. Well, this mini has fewer Legion members to deal with, but then a bunch of other people get caught up in these events, and the same problem begins. Just to a lesser extent.

One really good thing is that this does have the feel of a historical drama, just in the future instead of the past. I admit I haven't read much historical fiction, but this seems to fit seemlessly with the genre.

There's nothing here that's objectionable, so if you want to learn sort of the cliff's notes of how the Legion got together, pick it up.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; and it builds up Brainiac 5 as the smartest person in the universe. As it should be.
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