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Are You Afraid Of The Justice League Dark?

Justice League Dark.

So most of the heroes on the Justice League are science based. Or, well, more SCIENCE! based. But what do you do when the threats are more magic based?

Well, according to Justice League Dark, you throw a bunch of sorcerers and mystical-themed characters at them and hope for the best.

So far, this seems more a loose coalition than a real team, but maybe that's just because the team hasn't officially formed? Madame Xanadu has decided to up her enigmaticness and is guiding the mad witch known as the Enchantress into doing something dangerous. What, exactly, we don't know. All we know as that it involves her split personality, known as June Moone, manifesting an independent body for herself, and Enchantress wants it back. The interference or perhaps separation anxiety, is causing magical, mystical backlash across the globe, and various people are investigating.

So far, it's John Constantine, a low-rent British wizard-for-hire, his onetime girlfriend Zatanna, a powerful sorceress and practicing stage magician, Deadman Boston Brand, and Shade the Changing Man, but the version that was revamped by writer Peter Milligan for the Vertigo imprint, which was a mature horror/independent creator imprint published by DC Comics. I'm not a big fan of the Vertigo Shade the Changing Man, or any of the Vertigo versions of DC characters (except for Swamp Thing and Sandman, but they don't really count, as they were DC characters that were shunted to Vertigo with little to no change, not recreated for Vertigo with lots of changes). I just prefer the original Steve Ditko series, a short-lived but high concept frenetic romp of comic book adventure with more untapped potential than this version of the character.

Partly because of that, and partly because the team hasn't met yet, I'm not feeling very strong about this series yet. It's not exactly mediocre, but it's certainly not wow-ing me.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; also, Zatanna isn't wearing her familiar fishnets, and that's just disappointing.
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