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Heroes Without Borders

Justice League International.

Now this here is a good introduction to the team. First, it gets the whole group together immediately, and sends them all against a mysterious threat.

The plot is that some guy in the U.N. is jealous of the success of independent super-teams like the Justice League, and wants to get some international heroes under the banner of the U.N. as a hybrid public relations stunt/actually useful team. Booster Gold, Fire, Ice, Rocket Red (a member of a Russian team who wear powered armor, like Iron Man) Guy Gardner Green Lantern (Guy Gardner: the only name a hero needs), Vixen, August General in Iron, and Godiva make up this team, with Booster Gold chosen as the leader, because he's the most photogenic and the U.N. guy thinks he'll make a great figurehead. Guy, being Guy, quits in a huff when he's not chosen as team leader, but eventually comes back to try to show that without him, the team would be nothing. They're sent to investigate a missing team in what is hoped would be a softball introductory mission, but a couple things go wrong with that.

First, Batman hitches a ride for his own reasons. Second, the missing science team stumbled upon a network of alien giants who have just woken up and are ready to do . . . something to the Earth. Booster shows he's more concerned with the safety of the team than looking good, and signals a retreat and regroup, but only a temporary one, and then--when it becomes obvious the U.N. is more interested in good headlines about the team--formulates a plan involving the team splitting up and taking down the various worldwide giants.

This is a fun book, and my favorite of the Justice League books. The disparate personalities play off of each other in surprising ways, but that still make sense, and it's great seeing Booster play a more straight hero than he usually does. Also, Batman's on the team, self-appointed as a sort of unofficial supervisor, and he manages to give Booster really good advice. I just like it when Batman plays nice with other heroes. I say, until the next arc of Justice League anyway, focus on this series, unless you prefer more mature fair (then read the next Justice League book, which will be discussed in the next article).

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; Godiva is kind of a weak link, as she doesn't add much to the team, but she knows it and doesn't try to be more than she thinks she is.
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