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Good Art Can Make A Meh Story Better. Bad Art Can Make A Meh Story Bad

Hawk and Dove.

Oh, good God.

Okay, the original Hawk and Dove was a Steve Ditko creation. You know, the guy who co-created Spider-Man with Stan Lee? It was originally about two brothers with very different opinions. One was a militant conservative (the hawk) and the other was liberal and a pacificist (the dove). Ditko originally wanted the two sides to be given equal weight in the series, but being a pacifist doesn't really work in super hero comic books, so Dove kept being sidelined and shown to be ineffective, and eventually he even died and the series lay fallow for a while. There've been a few attempts to revamp the series, of . . . varying quality. One of the more well remembered revamps, with the Hawk and a young woman named Dawn as the new Dove, was also the first comic book work by Rob Liefeld. To be fair, this was before he started most of his more infamous excesses, and he actually showed a modicum of talent.

So for no good reason, the relaunched Hawk and Dove in the new 52 chose to use Liefeld as the artist.

. . .

I don't get it, either. Maybe it's charity. But if so, charity shouldn't hurt those not contributing to it. Namely us.

The first issue of Hawk and Dove was fairly average, except for the art. The art was merely unfairly average. Rob Liefeld, over the years, has stopped doing a few (not many, but a few) of the things that are terrible about his art. But he's still doing a lot of it. Too many teeth, too many hashmarks, dead-eye expressions. However, it wasn't eye-bleeding, yet. Issue two's art was worse, and issue three's even more worse . . . er . . . est. And the bad art drew the fairly average story, about evil versions of Hawk and Dove who somehow know more about how they all got their powers than the heroes, down into worse than mediocre, and I had to drop it. And until Liefeld remains on the series, I'm not coming back.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; Sterling Gates, the writer, deserves so much better.
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