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All of my experience with much of Wildstorm's comics comes from the WildC.A.T.s cartoon in the 90s. The only things I remember from that were that it was not any good, and it had Grifter in it. The only reason I even remember him was because in a team of isolated douches, he stood out as the most isolated and douchey. He was the lone wolf character, for Pete's sake.

But other than that, I never cared overmuch. So imagine my surprise when the new 52 Grifter is actually not that bad a series. It's not brilliant storytelling, but it's engaging enough to keep me interested.

Cole Cash is a grifter. He and his girlfriend/partner just got a payday, and are trying to get out of town, separately to throw off pursuit. And then Cole is abducted by aliens. He manages to escape, and he learns a couple things: he can read the alien's minds, and several days have passed without his knowledge. Cole ends up freaking out on an airplane when he discovers the aliens are still after him, and no one believes him (the aliens are able to change forms). He actually jumps from the plane, and when he lands he finds out his actions on board have led to him being labeled a terrorist, and his girlfriend doing what she can to distance herself from him.

And a military unit led by his brother (and he himself used to be a member of) is tasked with taking this dangerous terrorist down.

See? It's not brilliant or groundbreaking or anything, but it's perfectly serviceable, and it delivers satisfying comic book action. I don't really look forward to it every month, but I'm glad that it's there. Hopefully, its quality doesn't drop as it continues, because it's actually kind of tricky to keep the momentum and tension of an alien conspiracy story going, when you've got only one main character. But I think I'll actually be a bit disappointed if or when it falters. So, yeah, if you've got some money to burn, and want some decent action, Grifter doesn't disappoint.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; also, I hope they do some more with him being a con artist, that's kind of interesting.
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