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Green Is Not A Creative Color

Green Lantern.

All right. When I started reading comics, Hal Jordan wasn't Green Lantern. John Stewart was, but only briefly. Hal returned swiftly, and remained for a long time. So, yeah, Hal Jordan is "my" Green Lantern. But I don't have a favorite Green Lantern, any more than I have a favorite Doctor Who. I like 'em all: Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and that's just the base human GLs. There are thousands of Lanterns out there, ranging from superintelligent smallpox vaccine, to a sentient planet. Yeah, I love the Green Lantern Corps, too.

But for a while, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps had been ruined to the point of unusability, just to give the concept a whole new spin for the new guy, Kyle Rayner. Hal Jordan had been turned into a villain and destroyed the Corps, and it seemed there was no way to ever bring him back as a Green Lantern. They tried another idea, giving Jordan an almost redemptive death, and made him the new host of the spirit of vengeance, the Spectre. But eventually, Geoff Johns decided he wanted to revive Hal Jordan as a hero, and came up with a somewhat silly way to bring him back to life and retcon his turn as a villain so that it wasn't his fault. This was the strange cosmic fear entity known as Parallax, and this one thing led to multiple cosmic entities, the various corps of other Lanterns, and a bunch of roaring, epic sagas about the truth of the DC universe.

Green Lantern and GL-related books, like Batman, are getting the softest reboot, so the story line follows directly from the pre-reboot storylines. This can make it a little difficult for all new readers to get in. Basically, a big cosmic life destroying thing was out there, and threatened to destroy the Guardians of the Universe (the beings who instituted the Green Lantern Corps in the first place).

Yes, this has happened before. No, nobody cares.

A bunch of stuff happened, and Sinestro, a former GL who turned bad and tried many times to destroy the Green Lantern Corps became a GL again, and Hal Jordan killed the bad guy, a former Guardian who had turned bad and tried many times to destroy the Green Lantern Corps . . .

This freaked the Guardians out--that a Green Lantern could kill a Guardian--and promptly fired Hal.

. . .

And that's where we find ourselves as the new Green Lantern series starts.

Hal Jordan is no longer a Green Lantern, and is finding it hard to reintegrate back into normal human life. Which is kind of dumb, because he's lost his ring before, and he's never had trouble finding new work as a civilian. Hal Jordan has the most varied resume of almost any comic book hero, ever, and that's even just if you stick to normal jobs: air force pilot, civilian test pilot, toy salesman, trucker . . . the man's done all sorts of shit, he wouldn't have a hard time integrating back into human life, he is more than the ring.

But not if you believe this series. This series is contorting Hal Jordan almost as bad as when he was a villain, just so that he'll be in a position to accept Sinestro's offer: do a job with me and I can make you a permanent Green Lantern again.

Now, remember: Sinestro was a former GL who has tried to destroy the Corps many times in the past, and was almost always opposed by Hal Jordan.

Hal Jordan? Would not work with Sinestro.

There are even characters in the comic itself that state outright that Hal would never work with Sinestro.

And yet he's doing it.

This series isn't bad enough for me to drop outright. Other than the forced tension of having Hal team up with his most hated enemy for poorly justified reasons, the writing isn't bad, but Johns is doing a much better job with Aquaman. Maybe the well of creativity is starting to run dry with regards to Green Lantern stories? I don't know, all I know is I'm not enjoying this story very much. Maybe it'll pick up after the initial arc. That's what I'm waiting for, anyway, so I don't really recommend it. If you like seeing Hal Jordan verbally abused by Sinestro, though, this series is for you!

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; it seems like the new series should just star Sinestro, except that Sinestro is totally evil.
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