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Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Detective Comics!

Detective Comics.

Yay, another Batman comic!

Tony Daniel is not a very good writer. He's an okay artist, but he has a tendency to draw everyone like they're really mad, whether they should be or not. He's been involved with Batman comics for a little while, now, and its obvious he loves the character. But enthusiasm don't necessarily translate well into good stories, and that has been proven true here.

I've been trying for the past twenty minutes to summarize this series, but I can't. It's not that it's utterly embarrassing, it's just that there's not much there. There's a villainous family of body part grafter's led by The Dollmaker, and it's suitably freaky and gruesome, but it's not enough to prop up an issue, let alone a several-issue story arc. Other than that, the characters are competently written, they're not acting bizarre or out of character or anything, and aside from a brief thing with the Joker in the first two issues, there's nothing truly moronic going on. There's a possibility of one thing dumb about to happen, but it's ambiguous enough that the next issue could go a different way, and I hope it does. But that's merely speculation.

All in all, this is just mediocre. I'm going to keep going with it, because, come on. It's Batman, and I'm an unmitigated Batfan. So, nyah. You might notice I've not actually made recommendations about the Bat-titles. There's a reason for that, and that reason is I can't seperate my love of Batman from my analytical look at the rest of the new 52. So I don't make a recommendation for Detective Comics, either.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; but if I did, I'd say pass on it.
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