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And If You Go Chasing Rabbits . . .

Batman: The Dark Knight

Back in the old days, it was sometimes said that, between the two main Batbooks, Detective Comics was the cerebral murdery mystery series, and Batman was the action hero movie series.

Well, in the new 52, it's not that. Batman: The Dark Knight is the action hero movie series. It's loud, and dumb, fast paced, and action packed.

Now, normally, that's not a bad thing, and for the first 9/10ths of the first issue, I was really digging this thing. There's a riot at Arkham Asylum, and Batman takes immediate control of the situation and leads a SWAT team to quell the riot. It is weird seeing Batman leading a bunch of gunwielding honchos shooting actual bullets at the inmates . . . but Batman's calm and cool and confident, and compentent, and it manages to work pretty well.

And then the issue's last page comes and everyone's head hits the wall. Or the desk, or the palm of your hand. There's somebody spreading some kind of drug around the rogues' of Gotham City, and that drug . . .

I can't even say it. Or, type it. Whatever.

Okay, I'm just going to force myself.

The drug . . .

. . . causes people . . .

. . . to . . .

. . . hulk out . . .

. . . argh.

Yep, there's giant, muscle-bound versions of Batman villains like Two-Face, Ventriloquist, and others running around. The only good news is that the effects are temporary, but it's still mindnumbingly stupid dumb.

So dumb, that they basically try to repeat the cliffhanger in the second issue, only with a different Bat-villain, after having all sorts of cool vignettes of the other members of the Bat-family dealing with the . . . hulked out . . . rogues.

Maybe if I call them Blockbusted rogues I won't want to mentally kill myself every time?

Let's see: Blockbusted rogues!

Blockbusted rogues! Blockbusted rogues.

Nope, either way it's still stupid.

So then the third issue doesn't have the stupid dumb cliffhanger, and has a short, ultimately pointless cameo by the Flash!

This series is bubblegum, and nothing more. Even without the stupid dumb, I can't say it's really good. But it's Batman! I love Batman!

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; maybe I need help . . .
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