June 27th, 2006


Morality Be Damned? Morality? Be? Damned?

On Friday, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh hosted a round table with cast and writers of 24 and the head of Homeland Security. This was reported in the news. I missed what they said, but I listen to Rush, and he played an excerpt of one of the television reports. This excerpt dealt with one reason the show happens to be so popular, especially among conservatives, and posed the question to the actor who played President Logan in the last two seasons. And possibly in further seasons.

The actor replied that he thought it had to do with how the show portrays torture as [... but] "necessary." Then the twerp pinhead news reporter does some unneeded editorializing--my big problem with conventional news nowadays--by saying "necessary, morality be damned."

You dip. "Morality be damned"? WHAT ABOUT LIVES, MORON?

The full answer played in the excerpt by the actor went into a little bit of detail about how torture might not be ideal, it might indeed be a bad thing, but when lives were on the line--the example used was in finding a nuclear time bomb--it was necessary.

"Morality be damned." But the lives? The lives would be damned without torture!


Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque
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It's Like My Birthday! Surprise!

So this just happened about a half hour ago.

I go outside to check the mail, and I see this white SUV/van thing drive up and park. He doesn't go up the driveway so at first I think it's the mail carrier for the other street--I live on a corner. Actually it's the same mail carrier, but the mail route goes in a loop around the block. That was at first.

It wasn't the mail carrier. It was some guy, some stranger, throwing up on my driveway. He retches about five or six times, then some pinkish stuff comes up on the next two tries. He straightens up slowly, gives himself a shake, and then as he's about to drive away, he notices me looking at him.

He freezes. Surely he's realized the social awkwardness of this situation. I've realized the social awkwardness of the situation, and I'm a social fuckwit, not to mention shocked and sickened with what I've just seen.

So what does upChuck do?

He waves, and drives off.

Why thank you, mister total stranger man, for vomiting violently on my property! I didn't get you anything!

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque