April 3rd, 2006


This Is Why Democracy Doesn't Work

Illegal aliens are not the same as those who go through the official channels and enter this country legally. I don't care if they do jobs "no one else will do." The reason they do those jobs is because they're illegal and can't get a better job, and are stuck in a job that often doesn't have a union and has no recourse if they are exploited! Whether they're exploited or not, they're more likely to commit other crimes . . . because they have no other option. They can't go to the police or other proper channels, because they exist outside those proper channels.


They can't vote, not legally. Both parties are dancing around the issue of what to do about these illegal aliens because they want to court their voting demographic. THAT IS INSANE!

That's like not making laws that alienate the DEAD because they're afraid the DEAD WILL NOT VOTE FOR THEM.

Of course the dead aren't going to vote for them. Not only is it illegal, but THEY'RE DEAD.

It's illegal for illegal immigrants to vote. It doesn't matter if you alienate their voting demographic. MAKE A DECISION AND STICK TO IT!

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque