March 2nd, 2006


Why Batman? Read Here

Second time's the charm, I guess . . .

From Newsarama:

"Bruce/Batman to me, is not driven by the death of his parents anymore. Yes, it was the catalyst and a driving force at first, and yes, seeing his parents murdered before his young eyes is something that will stay with him forever, but I don't feel he's haunted by it anymore. What Bruce does now is honor their memory each and every night by going out into Gotham as its protector and in a strange way its advocate. Because what he does each and every night is saying something to the people of the city: This city will never fall prey to the evildoers. [....] Evil and darkness will not win. Good will triumph as long as you don't turn your head..."
--New Batman editor Peter Tomasi

A four month stint for James Robinson on both Batman and Detective Comics started yesterday, I guess? And then Grant Morrison and Paul Dini take up the respective reins of those titles. (Dini with a year-long commitment! Hoo-ah!)

I wish I had disposable cash

I mean, I can always treat a comic or book shop as a library but I wish I didn't have to; God, if I were able to pay the book and comic book stores for the times I've wasted time inside their doors, I'd be a millionare!

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque

He's Wacky, But He Makes A Good Point.

I listen to Rush Limbaugh when I have the time. I know, I know, I lose all "liberal street cred," now. Who cares?

Well, today, Roger Hedgecock (or however it's spelled) is filling in, and part of the leftist conspiracy is still a little stuck on a company in the United Arab Emirates is going to be heading some ports, so much so that another company in the UAE is being investigated by shadowy government agencies for . . . buying a controlling interest in British shipping concerns.

He illustrates the idiocy going on here in the following way (paraphrased): "It's wrong to racially profile at the airport, but when it comes to companies, it's okay."

Because, you see, the UAE are our allies on the War On Terror. They've helped us out and stuff. They're like that area's Switzerland, if Switzerland weren't completely blind to the Nazi gold they were recieving, and were immediately trying to get who really owned the money to actually get the money. The UAE have investigated the myriad shenanigans the Taliban and Al Quaida have tried to use to hide their laberynthine financial records.

Irritating them isn't going to help our image in the Middle East.

And another thing!

ABC Newsbitch Martha Radditz (or however it's spelled) interviewed the president of Pakistan, effectively accusing him ("voicing criticisms") that he wasn't doing enough to help the War On Terror or find Bin Ladin. When he made mention of just one of the things he's doing, she asked him "Is that all?" Mr. President of Pakistan looked like he wanted to slap her in the face. "In my religion, bitches shut the fuck up!"


Is this the new anti-Bush administration left-wing conspiracy? Attack our allies in the War On Terror?

Frank Miller has gone insane, but even he gets it:

I want us to win the war [...] What, you want to lose?

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque
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