February 18th, 2006


My Ambitions Are Bigger Than My Stomach

I once had a dream.

A dream of creating a d20 Transformers RPG.

Now, this would have been nothing more than a fan project, since there was no way in fell I'd be able to afford a license agreement with Hasbro, let alone publishing the thing.

But still, a little website with ways to convert the Tech Specs to D20 stats, info on just what a glass gun did in the game, repair rules, and d20 stats for favorite characters like Optimus Prime, Hot Rod, Doubledealer, Shockwave, Bludgeon? That would be awesome.

But time passed. And Wizards of the Coast released d20 Modern, and the supplement d20 Future, with basic mecha and robotic rules that anyone could rip apart and make their own Transformers game with. And there've been a couple of 3rd-party independent rpg companies with their own "mech rpg" things.

But none of these things are Transformers. None of them, therefore, RAWK as long or as hard as my oft-neglected d20 Transformers RPG system would.

I'll probably keep working on it, when I'm not obsessed with other things. Because there needs to be a mechanic that shows just how much Micromasters suck. It is my destiny.

And you cannot destroy . . . my DESTINY!!!

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque

I Love Cops

Cops, a horrible reality show about the real misadventures of real police officers, usually is just a showcase of lame and terrible hillbilly hick white and black and latino and asian trash.

Occasionally, though, they deal with people who are just . . . so . . . God, I think there needs to be a new word for "high," one that implies they've reached Alpha Centauri and aren't stopping. It's fun to watch people so baked they don't even realize they're confessing to how they got that way.

Also, beat-downs.


Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque
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A Decepticon Beatnik? Learning Is The Best, Kids!

In case anyone was wondering why I care about Transformers:

A)They are giant robots. Giant robots that kick the crap out of each other
B)The toys are often neat little feats of engineering. They can sometimes be little puzzles in themselves. Each with two (or more) endpoints, but so many more paths to take to get there.
C)They're not just robotic 1-dimensional "Danger Will Robinson! Danger!" robots. These are robots with character

Case in point.

Whoever is writing these things? Is my god.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque
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